Flower Care

Real Talk About Preserving the Life of Your Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are technically dead once stems are cut from the roots.  It’s up to Mother Nature, the grower, distributor, florist and customer to preserve the flowers vase life.  Consider it similar to food preparation from the farm to the table.   We hope the following notes will help educate you and extend the life of your beautiful flowers.

Blue HydrangeaBacteria Be Gone

Here is something you didn’t know.  Bacteria thrive on the sugary sap that leaks from all flower stems.   They double every 20 minutes and in 10 hours, 100 bacteria cells can become more than 100 Billion cells.  They invade the flower through the cut ends and quickly block the water conducting vessels to the flower head.  This causes flower wilting and a very short vase life.


Replace the Water

Replace the water and clean the vase regularly especially when the water turns murky which means bacteria is present.


Feed Me!

Use the provided flower food packet which not only includes nutrients but it also has bacteria killing solution.

Deep Cuts

For loose flowers, cut about a half inch off the stem at an angle.  This allows maximum water to be absorbed through the flower stem and petals.

Drink Up!

Make sure the water is topped off every day.   You’ll be surprised how fast your arrangement will drink water which means please refill it regularly.  In hot weather spray water directly on flowers.  Just grab a spray bottle and mist the flowers. 

Keep it Cool

Flowers in direct sunlight or even harsh florescent lights will prematurely wilt.  It’s suggested to keep flowers in cool place away from direct light.   Try to treat flowers like food such as keeping them cool or cold (not frozen) to slow down the decomposition process.

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