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Our 12 Points to Make Things Easy For You

You have an image in your mind, that may even be hard to articulate, but you have this vision of how your wedding and your wedding flowers should look.  We are here with our years of experience, creative ideas, and ingenuity to make your vision a reality.  The following information should be helpful to you in preparing for your flower consultation, understanding the procedures we follow when designing your wedding flowers and décor.

1. The Initial Wedding Consulation

As we do not charge a fee for your wedding consultation, we require that the wedding reception/ceremony location(s) are secure and dress colors are selected.  The color of the dresses and event space dictate the color scheme of the flowers and event décor.  Dress swatches are helpful in planning the color scheme, and the necessary ribbons to be matched exactly for bouquets and other personable arrangements.

2. Planning and Consultation Worksheet

Used to help determine the necessary flowers for your special day, it will be helpful for you to come prepared with a close count of floral items to help us shape your wedding vision.  We understand some details are not final.

Please bring any wedding images to help us narrow down the “look and feel” you want for the wedding. From dresses and accessories to invitation and venue photos, no detail is too small to help convey the aesthetic of your special day.   We will determine any rental items, unusual containers and colors that may require a deeper investigation after your consultation.

3. Consultation Timeline

Our first phone conversation with you occurs within a few days of you contacting KPF about our services..  The in-person consultation meeting usually occurs within a few weeks after our phone consult.  Consultation meetings are generally 1-2 hours.  Typically, a second face-to-face meeting is not required for most weddings.

A deposit of $300 is required to secure your date and to receive a customized proposal that itemizes floral costs and design descriptions.  You will receive this proposal within (7) business days after the consultation meeting.  This non-refundable deposit is applied to the total event costs.

Brides will receive a follow up phone call to review the proposal and discuss any questions within (14) fourteen business days after receiving the proposal.

Modifications are allowed up to 30 days prior to the wedding to allow KPF to lock in flower orders and rental items.

A 50% deposit is required before flowers and/or rental items are ordered. 

4. Choosing Flowers and Styles

We have lovely wedding design books, flowers books, and KPF wedding images to use as inspiration including reception centerpieces.  More importantly, bring some photos (even just saved on your phone) of what you like.

We carry an extensive selection of fresh flowers in our store.  If something is not in stock, we have pictures of individual flowers for reference.

We enjoy being creative!  If you are looking for unusual flowers and designs, as professional designers we are eager to work with you to create a distinctive “look”.  Whether your style is traditional, modern or adventurous our goal is to gain your trust in knowing that we will make the right selections for creating your wedding in colors and visual experience that you envision.  The details are important, and we look at everything involved with your flowers to make sure the design is impeccable, and more importantly, is YOU.

Mango Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

5. Flower Budget

We do not have a minimum amount required for weddings we create.  Today’s weddings are so unique and tailor-made to the bride and groom’s personal tastes. 

We have worked with many flower budgets from modest to lavish and we can create a lovely wedding on a budget when expectations are realistic.  From a simple bouquet for a wedding at city hall, to a floral extravaganza, we’re here to help with whatever you need.

6. How Much Do Brides Spend on Flowers?

We see an average of about 6%-10% of a total wedding spent on flowers.  This range is much higher for weddings that include full scale décor such as tables, chairs, lighting, table settings and more.

7. What’s the biggest unknown about flowers costs?

Actually, it’s not always the flowers.  It’s also the labor that goes into creating floral arrangements at our studio, as well as on-site. This includes large or intricate arrangements that cannot be designed in advance but require decorating at the ceremony and reception locations.  It also may include the assembly of rental items.

Design - Some weddings involve elaborate detailing that requires multiple consultations.  This may incur additional costs.

Delivery - Weddings can require up to three or more delivery locations for the bride/bridesmaids, groom/groomsmen, ceremony, and reception location.

Breakdown - Our delivery staff may be required to come back to the ceremony and reception locations to collect rentals, large arrangements, chuppas, candles and other large items after the wedding.  Delivery staff will work late hours to ensure each item is collected and returned undamaged.

8. Samples

After booking your wedding with KPF, if pictures and discussions do not give you a clear vision of your choices, we can make a bouquet or centerpiece samples for you; however, there would be a charge for these samples. 

You may also view your wedding work by appointment.

9. Visiting Ceremony and Reception Locations/Additional Consult Time

If your desire is for us to visit your ceremony and reception location to discuss decorations, we will be happy to do so; however, this will count as your complementary consultation.  

Post-contract, additional consults (in person or by phone) deemed as non-equitable to the amount quoted for design time, may incur additional charges.  

Cream and Green Wedding Bouquet

10. Rental Items

In addition to the personal flowers and arrangements that you purchase for your wedding, we have additional items available on a rental basis to further decorate ceremony and reception locations.  Such items include pedestals on which to place a large arrangement, special centerpiece containers, chuppahs, arches, plants, and furniture.

11. Delivery Times

Personal flowers such as bouquets and corsages being delivered to the bride’s dressing address are usually delivered two hours prior to the wedding time or may be timed to coincide with the arrival of the photographer.  Please coordinate exact times with your KPF wedding coordinator.

Personal flowers, such as boutonnieres and corsages, and church decorations are delivered an hour prior to the ceremony, depending on the amount of decorating necessary. 

Reception flowers are delivered at the earliest time allowed by the event space, and we will make sure everything is set up and looks amazing before we leave.

12. Flower Care Upon Delivery

In creating your wedding designs we use fresh well-conditioned flowers and the designs are kept refrigerated and misted for freshness until the moment they are placed in our delivery boxes and wrapped with tissue. 

Our delivery person will take the boxes into the house or hotel for further handling and distribution by you or someone you have designated to carry out this task.  We offer the service of handing the bouquets to the wedding party and the pinning on of corsages and boutonnieres at and additional service fee.

Why Choose Katrina Parris Flowers?

“I want to create relationships, not just wedding projects.” - Katrina

At Katrina Parris Flowers, we create floral art to suit our clients’ changing needs. Our floral design staff has collectively over 19 years experience working at Waldorf Astoria and other select premier floral event studios. 

You may contact KPF because of the photos you’ve seen on our website of our creative and unique work, but you’ll select us because of the quality of our work and the trust we build together.  We care, and want our flowers to help you create unforgettable memories on your special day.  We have bridal references for you to call.

We are bringing a fresh, unpretentious approach to wedding design and people are taking notice.  Our work has been featured in New York Magazine’s Wedding Edition for the past four issues.  Other media includes Oprah’s O Magazine, Fine Living and more. 

We hope that this wedding flower planning information has answered many of your questions.  Please contact us about anything else you need to know.

We look forward to meeting you!

Katrina, Cecily, Mark, and Whitney

Katrina Parris Flowers Staff

Orange Rose Wedding Bouquet
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